As a child, she saw fairies, and thought everyone could see them, her father said she was dreaming, but she was awake, why could he not see them.
At School found it quite difficult, because she was dyslexic. But in those days, they did not recognise dyslexia. Maths was her only asset, apart from another intelligence.
She would close her eyes, and it was like a television screen colours would appear, and little light beings, and these would one day be feature in the Revelation Experience game, which she created with two friends.
At the age of 24 Gaynor joined a medium development circle, realised she was very    psychic, which came naturally to her.  She then learned the Tarot and excelled at interpreting and reading Tarot for others.  Through her awareness and reading Tarot a whole new world opened for her. She saw Angels, the first being the Angel of Peace, followed by the Angel of Appearance. After that many appeared. She became a member of the Institute of Spiritual mediums and served on the Committee. It was then that her mediumistic and psychic abilities evolved.  Resulting with her becoming one of the founder Committee members of KSTG Kent Spiritual Teaching Group, for 17 years. At the same Gaynor opened and ran two metaphysical shops for 13 years, but due to the death of her husband, Gaynor took a new pathway. Over the years, she has travelled to many countries, and has had many apparitions. Her studies were Aura Soma, The Sacred Geometry (Flower of Life), and many others, she has a diploma in life coaching. There have been many visits to Sedona where she took groups for a Spiritual Awakening. Her workshops include Angels, Tarot, Colour, creativity, numerology and awareness Groups.
She is a Spiritual healer, as well, she does Reiki.


Has been studying the runes and shamanism for the past 20 years.

He is a self taught runic reader and shaman, but has sat in many development circles and has taught the runes and shamanism to a wide group of people.


I have been intuitive since I was a very young child, my mother taught me all I know about Angels. I have been doing psychic readings for many years, worked with all manner of cards to bring a caring and informative reading covering your life path and future guidance. As well as a Reiki healer, I bring a calm empathic healing quality to my readings.


Sue has been a wonderful healer for many years now after the loss of a much loved son that lead her onto another journey she is a dedicated healer and has run a team of respected healer for the last 9 years and is a fun, caring, honest person we are so lucky to have her on our team as well as being one of the seven stars.

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Meet the Team!

SUE THOMAS - I have always felt ‘different’ and read many books as I had a thirst for knowledge. It was only when I lost my partner to cancer in 2009 that my real journey began. I joined a circle and began developing and opening to the Spirit World. I have attended Angel & mediumship workshops, studied the Tarot and Angel cards, I am clairsentient (sensing spirit phenomena), caring and empathic.

​​​Are you looking to open to your intuition? See your Unique ability to open the doors of your mind.

  Do you feel or sense you are psychic?

 ​We Offer:

Circles, Crystals, Colour, Numerology, Tarot, Mediumship, Angel Workshops and Angel Readings plus meditation Reiki and Spiritual Healing

Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Classes

Once a month demonstrations - Mediumship with well known mediums also we will have Fledgling Evenings.

Venue : Paignton Club, Paignton TQ4 6ED

Every Thursday Evening

Administration Fee £7

6.00-7.15 Healing/ 7.30-9.30 Demonstration


Mobile Numbers: Gaynor 07957307604

Sue 07506790839

Email:  or